Described by some as "America's wine-buzzed geriatric in high heels"*, Ms. Williams is professional writer and educator whose articles and short stories are familiar to many within and outside of the Transgender community. Bobbi was a founding member of the Central Texas Transgender Society, served as Secretary of New York's Transgender Independence Club and was on the Steering committee of the National Coalition for LGBT Health. She also served as Director and on the board of Rainbow Access Initiative (RAI), (a New York State program devoted to training Health and Human Services professionals in the New York state capital region in LGBT health matters).

Bobbi is semi-retired, but she still assists Lesbian, Gay, and Transgender groups with fundraising, organizational development, and the development of non-profit status. She speaks to medical student organizations and health care professionals, writes articles for online and print publications, and makes presentations to LGBT and 'straight' groups. She is the author of two books: Me & Bobbi & the Gyrls (a collection of stories and reflections) and Transfxed a mystery novel. [Click on the covers above to go to the publishers web sites.] And her memoir ["You Don't Know) The Half of It"] was published this February.

From 2014 through 2016, Bobbi wrote a monthly
  column for
Out & About in Nashville
  magazine. Click on the magazine's logo
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    For anyone living in or planning to visit the Nashville area,
    "friendly" places and individuals in Nashville are listed below.


    Kathy Spears is part of the Whisper Creek Day Spa, located in the Brentwood Office Building at 116 Wilson Pike Circle (Suite 103) in Brentwood (just south of the city). She is extremely courteous and 'tuned in' to the needs of the transgender community. Her space is private. An appointment is recommended. [Phone: 615.760.5463]

    Heather, is very understanding and helpful. She has a wide selection of wigs and provides excellent wig care. If you prefer, she can arrange a private fitting. [8005 Church Street East, Brentwood / Phone: 615.891.1417]

    Ivan, at Clothes Town (1813 8th Avenue South) has a great assortment of dresses, tops, shoes, and jewelry and provides lay-away plans and alterations. Call him at (615) 554-4955 to check on the hours they're open (and tell him you're a friend of Bobbi's.)


    [1529 4th Avenue South / Phone: 615.782.0043]
    The staff at the Stirrup are very welcoming, though the crowd here is almost always (though not exclusively) older, gay men. Tim Harkum, who used to run the Stirrup piano bar at The Chute (a now defunct bar from a decade ago) is happy to have you come by and the staff lives up to their claim that everyone is welcome. [Click here for photos of some of the friends I've made at Stirrup.]

    1517 Church Street / Phone: 615.329.2912
    Tribe is where the younger crowd goes. (Well, OK, mostly younger...relative to myself.) It's part of a 'complex (no pun intended) that includes...

      1519 Church Street / Phone: 615.322.9627
      a dance club and show bar which features frequent drag shows (gospel drag shows the first Sunday of every month at 7:00pm.), and...

      1517 Church St # A / Phone: 615.329.2913
      Suzie Wong's House of Yum (really...that's the name of the place), a restaurant serving Asian food (won tons, wraps, skewers, etc.) that usually has a mix of gay and straight customers. It's relatively safe here, but again, not often a place where you'll find the transgender crowd (unless you include the drag queens in that population.)

    [1400 Woodland Street, East Nashville / 615.226.6343]
    Primarily a lesbian bar, but the times we have been there it has been very friendly and often a lot of fun. They seem to be true to their motto: "If you're human, you'll fit right in." [Click here to read some reviews.]

    1715 Church St. (615) 329-3508]
    Blue Genes gets four stars out of five from nine reviews on Yelp, and the scene is nice enough, but again, it's usually more of the younger crowd.

    1707 Church St. (615) 320-8656
    The Canvas Lounge is just down the street from Blue Genes. Not the best venue for 'girls like us' but OK to go if there's a reason (i.e. like the monthly Music City Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence show, meet a friend, etc.) [Click here to read some reviews.]

    1501 Second Avenuw, S.(615) 742-8856
    GayTravel says "It takes a little effort finding, but Trax is a friendly and fun neighborhood bar in a rather desolate industrial area south of toen. Trax pulls in a diverse bunch of regular joes, working stiffs, and no-nonsense types - some bears, some leather guys, a few lesbians. It's unpretentious, the drinks are cheap, and the bartenders are quite welcoming. If you're not a regular, you may stand out a bit here, which isn't necessarily a bad thing - it's pretty easy to strike up a conversation in here. [Click here to read more reviews.]


    The Tennessee Vals is "a non-political, educational, social, and support organization founded and designed to educate and support persons regarding transgender issues, without prejudice, regarding sexual orientation, sexual identity, or gender identity." [from their web site] They have a general meeting/gathering on the second Saturday of every month from 5 to 8pm and dinner at an area restaurant on the third Saturday.

    [1709 Church Street]
    Vickie Davis usually hosts the Transgender Drop-in at ">Out Central from 6 - 9 pm every Thursday

    The Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition (TTPC) is "an organization designed to educate and advocate on behalf of transgender related legislation at the Federal, State, and local levels. The Coalition is dedicated to raising public awareness and building alliances with other organizations concerned with equal rights legislation." [from their FaceBook page]