More About Bobbi...

After nearly fifty years of living with the stress of maintaining a secret I thought would embarass and humiliate me, I finally decided I had had enough and dropped the facade. As it turned out, my fears were largely exaggerated and my 'coming out' proved to be one of the best decisions I ever made. My only regret was not having done it sooner. (I kept a diary of the days when I came out which I invite you to read.) I was neither rejected by my friends, nor disrespected by my colleagues. And so far, I have found that once people get to know me, the fluidity of my gender expression matters very little to them.
    The truth is that I might never have dealt with the issue if it weren't for my second wife. In a strange way, I am grateful to her for that. We were married for ten years when she announced that she was leaving me for another man and shortly after that, informed me that if I didn't agree to her terms for the divorce she would 'out' me to my friends, co-workers, and the children from my first marriage. She betrayed the trust I had placed in her and made me realize that one person ought not have such control over another. I decided at that point that I would 'out' myself.

Here I am in New York
in front of my PT Cruiser
(which my son now drives).

Shortly thereafter, I began the task of telling my friends and co-workers. To date I have told most of my friends and family, including my children--a son who turned thirty this year and a daughter who is 32. (I also have three beautiful grandchildren.)  If you’re on a high speed connection you might enjoy this short video of me and my grandson; he’s one year old. [Here’s a slightly longer version.]